Sunday, May 21, 2017

Somewhere wild with my wildling

That's about the size of it...the boy that made me a mother is a wild child and is giving me a run for my money. He's dirty and smelly with his bare foot ways and unkempt hair, a face always marked with berry juice and clothes I'd be embarrassed to donate even without the holes. Yes. That boy. He calls for me every morning. "Mummy" is the first word he utters. The next are usually "I love you, can I have the iPad?". Yes, this is my life with the Kien. So when Jef asked me what I wanted to do on Sunday for Mother's Day all I knew was that I wanted to be somewhere wild with my wildling.

We decided to go to Mangawhai to see how the driveway was getting on at the property. After that we went to Te Arai Point. What a fabulous beach! Especially if you walk around the rocks for a while and discover a secluded bay that no one has ventured to on that day. Our footsteps were the first to mark the shelly sand on that beach.


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