Saturday, July 31, 2010

A week of almosts....

So Kien is almost crawling, but not quite. He slithers around on the ground pretty quickly though and can move across our lounge floor like nobody's business.

And we have almost ditched swaddling, but not quite. We no longer tie him down using the miracle wrap. He goes into the Pekemoe and is loosely swaddled with the muslin wrap just to give him the familiar comfort and security. He has only done one night this week where I haven't put the muslin wrap around him - but it was difficult. Can't wait until he no longer needs it. I think he will definitely sleep better without.

We managed to get an appointment with the Auckland Allergy Clinic next week. Here's hoping they find something instead of concluding it is Kien's constitution.

He has been taking a few longer naps these days which is great - but still unpredictable. Jef and I think it may be a combination of all the things we have been trying, but who knows! I think Kien is highly sensitive to whatever is going on with him and around him - whether it be teething, itchy skin, gas, bloating, light, dark, noise etc etc. On top of this I also think there is something in the house he is allergic to which causes his eyes to itch and contributes to the eczema issues. Perhaps he has intolerances to whatever I am consuming, but I am yet to recognise any distinguishable differences since I cut all the stuff out of my diet.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Check out the skills

Today saw Kien pass another significant milestone - sitting. He has been so close for a couple of weeks now, but still toppling over when slightly off balance. Today was different...and check out how big those teeth are.

Sleep training???

What is that exactly? Does anyone in this household know anymore? Months and months of hard work seems to have faded into oblivion and now we are feeding to sleep, feeding every time he wakes up, rocking him to sleep if he won't settle, and taking him to bed if it gets really ugly. That's what happens when you feel desperate!

We really have to get back on track - not that it really ever was anyway, but more so than the current situation. He is 28 weeks old today and I feel like he has us wrapped around his little finger and manipulating us (not that he knows he is doing it, of course!). We have basically allowed it to happen and now we have to undo it. Aarrhhh, more hard work!

Oh boy, I've perfected my recipe for mulled wine...this is dangerous.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Eating like a pro

Kien is now having 3 meals a day after his milk. He LOVES rice cereal and would be quite content with consuming that and nothing else. But he is now just okay with pumpkin and kumara, and I always mix a bit of flaxseed, olive and avocado oil to his food to add some more calories.

So here are the brand new teeth that cut through last week.

Today Auckland turned out absolutely gorgeous weather so we just had to go out. Went to the Winter Gardens and Bastion Point. There was the annual kite flying day there. It was fabulous.

We also went to a little Japanese cafe in Parnell called Renkon and Kien tried some tofu - he liked it a lot and ate 2 cubes (they were only 1cm cubes).

I have enrolled him into daycare for 2 half day sessions on Wednesday and Friday starting next week. The daycare is just across the road! I can't believe we didn't even know of it's existence until last week when we walked through the park on Angelsea Street. Talk about a scotoma! So I checked it out and liked the feel of the place. It isn't flash or anything, but I thought the staff in the baby room were nice and the little ones all seemed happy. I would still love it if Michelle could come once a week to play with Kien; until of course she can't handle it anymore ;-) He is a ball of energy and requires constant attention. It certainly wears me out!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Pearly whites

They have sprouted through - 2 front bottom teeth just cut through. Jef actually discovered it when Kien went to bite his face.

I've been a bit under the weather this week so have had blocked and runny sinuses. Kien also had blocked and runny nose so I thought he had what I had. I've been constantly checking for teeth except for this week!

I took him for his 5 month shots yesterday so he is a tad grizzly today.

He has been eating up a storm. He loves pumpkin and of course the old rice cereal.

I am now hoping he will sleep better now that he is on lots of solids and he has got his teeth finally.


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