Tuesday, December 28, 2010

This time last year....

The sun was shining and we had already been at Birthcare on the monitoring machine. I went for a walk to try and get the contractions to become more regular.

Flash forward to today and Kien is in lots of pain with his teeth. We are really hoping they will pop through soon because he is suffering something chronic! He has been crying all the time, and has already had three naps today. I've given him every remedy possible; paracetamol, bonjela, teething powder, frozen facecloth to chew on...nothing is working.

Lets hope tomorrow he will be distracted enough not to feel the pain too much!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Having fun

It is so amazing that in such a short time Kien has become so much more interactive. Here is a clip from 3 weeks ago of Kien having fun...just so innocent.

The other day we took him up to Ponsonby Rd to play under the Telecom Xmas tree. He had a blast zooming around on the beanbags.

The following morning I found some bean bag filler in his nappy - it really surprised me how quickly things pass through his system!

Unfortunately we haven't resolved the vomiting situation. The Dr at Starship was not concerned with his vomiting at all because he was putting on weight. She thinks it is reflux but has suggested cutting back on the losec since it doesn't seem to be helping. It really is so frustrating! We will have a followup appointment in a couple of months time.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Musician in the making

Kien loves to bang things! Here's some cool rhythms he laid down in the weekend.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Finger food fun (?!?)

The dietician keeps pushing me to give Kien finger food so he can feed himself; for his development and to get used to textures etc. That's all well and good, but when he throws up everything afterwards this whole phase gets a bit old, fast!

So despite not wanting to get a highchair I ended up getting a highchair. But the good thing is that 1) it's one of the old fashioned wooden variety, 2) Kien enjoys being in it, and 3) it's really easy to clean. I did try to feed him from his booster seat at the coffee table but it wasn't a very successful experience. Here was the first and only attempt:

Kien likes to stuff everything I give him into his mouth, and then attempts to swallow it all at once - or hold it in his mouth for ages. No wonder he has a hard time getting it down.Not sure how to stop him from doing this. I've tried giving only a little bit at a time but he just gets bored!

I'm so glad we have an appointment with Starship tomorrow. Here's hoping they find out why he is vomiting all the time.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Back at work

This is my second week back at work and judging from this morning's flusterings I really need to work out a routine so I can get to work at a reasonable time. Kien has been refusing to eat his breakfast, so I have to stuff his medicine (losec) down his throat and pack the remainder so the girls at daycare can feed him his breakie at morning tea. I still have to prepare all his food for the day, and when I wasn't working it was just a leisurely exercise, but now it is a mad rush.

I just need to find my feet again and get more organised.


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