Monday, July 8, 2019

End of term 2 already

Wow, half a year down, and the end of term 2 for Kien. He's had quite a good term, and came home with a couple of certificates in the last few weeks.

I've also established a way to make sure Kien does his own keyboard practice and I don't nag him. We write up a contract together and negotiate how many points the practice is worth. Then it's up to him to hold up his end of the contract if we wants those points. It's been working very well.

Last weekend we were out and about and decided to stop in at the Auckland Domain for a bit. Always a good time here.

Monday, July 1, 2019

Bike ride around the city

The other weekend we went for a bike ride around the city. It was great that most of the route was on bike tracks, and I'm looking forward to the future when we'll be able to ride everywhere in Auckland without fearing for our lives with getting hit by cars on the road. The bike track at Spaghetti Junction is smooth and nice to ride on.

There are a number of forks on the track and we took the one the leads to Quay St and back through North Wharf.

The light was so great when we got to the bridge. We stopped for Kien to have a runaround.

Then we rode home via Victoria Park for a climb and a dangle.


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