Wednesday, February 14, 2018

On Motuihe island

Jef and Kien kayaked to the island when we were anchored in Waihaorangatahi Bay. Here are some photos Jef took whilst on the island.

Jef took some videos of Kien running through those birds on the wharf. I did a light edit to string them together. Here's a link to “Motuihe wharf” — Kien running with the birds on the wharf.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

We set sail on Auckland Anniversary weekend

We decided to take the yacht out for the remainder of Auckland Anniversary weekend. Jef had taken Tuesday off work to have a extra long weekend. It seems like forever ago that we had taken the boat out. It was good to be out on the water.

We had zig zagged all the way out of the harbour with the sails up, and once we got past Okahu Bay we decided to motor the rest of the way to Motuihe. If we had all the time in the world then, sure, we would have slogged it out for another 3 hours, but since we had set off late in the day it wasn't a good option. We anchored in Waihaorangatahi Bay, which was very full at this hour of the day. Always enjoy seeing the city from this vantage point.

The following morning I had to dive off the back of the boat into the frigid water...actually the water wasn't too bad once I was in. But prior to that we had visitors pop over.

Jef and Kien went off to the island on the kayak to do some exploration. I hung around on the boat and enjoyed the quietness.

That evening Kien and Jef did some fishing with the bait they foraged from the shore...and Kien caught me dinner! But in all the excitement no one took a photo of the snapper on the line. I sizzled the whole thing up in the pan and it was delicious. Then we settled in to another night, with hardly any boats around because for a lot of Aucklanders they had to be at work the following day.

Saturday, February 3, 2018


The last time we were here was way before Kien was even a thought. Jef and I went to Splore music and arts festival at Tapapakanga Regional Park once upon a time when we first got together (when we were mere teenagers hehehehe). The Saturday that was the start of Auckland anniversary weekend Lynette was going there with her family and a truckload of stuff for a fun filled beaching experience. Jef was getting the yacht ready for us to go out for the long weekend, so I was in charge of entertaining a Kien - which, if left to his own devices would be on one all day! No no, there's sunshine and fun to be had at the beach. An hour and ten minutes after we set off from home we were there.

Wow, the water was so warm! We swam all afternoon, and Kien enjoyed kayaking around with the other kids. Lynette had brought everything (and almost the kitchen sink). They barbequed up some patties and chicken skewers for dinner. We hung around until we were one of the few stragglers left.

We then drove back to Lynette's family farm to pick up fish heads, marlin steaks and fresh eggs from her chooks. What a fabulous start to a long weekend!

Monday, January 15, 2018


What have we been up to? A lot and not much. We've been to Mangawhai a couple of times. Yesterday we were there just to mow some lawns - yeah, I bought a second hand mower off Trade Me and ran that poor little thing within an inch of its life. So at least the lawns in the glades area and down at the bottom near the driveway is tidy and manageable, and we get a container to house our stuff there very soon. I forgot to take photos yesterday so only have these from Jef's phone.

Friends coming to play

We've had playdates with Kien's best buddies. These mainly consist of beyblade battles, visiting the park, and minecrafting (and sometimes ends in tears when one of them decides it would be funny to destroy someone's creation).

Visiting Kelmarna Gardens

It's a city farm and organic community garden just up the road in Grey Lynn. I was reminded of it when I took Kien for a bike ride the other day around Hukanui Reserve. We went there to have a look around and bought some vegetables. I'm definitely going to visit more often to get inspiration. They have miniature cows and a pony called Jafa.


We had to take Kien to the hospital to get a general check because he has swollen lymph nodes - the most noticeable being in his groin area. The GP was concerned and sent us off for a bunch of tests. Kien was very brave with the blood tests. He said it didn't really hurt at all and he was very interested in seeing the needle in his arm and the blood flowing out of it. We spend a couple of hours at Starship, and have been back to get chest x-rays done. We'll be back next week for an appointment with a paediatrician.


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