Thursday, April 28, 2011

Home and around

The other day Jef had looked after Kien from 5:00am (we are battling EARLY wakings at the moment). I woke up to find half eaten fruit and raisins strewn everywhere. This is the story of our up after a little person!

Jef and I have taken a couple of weeks off work, and guess what are doing? Yes, folks - we are cleaning, and organising, and mending--and did I mention cleaning and organising? We have been flat out busy! Not exactly the most riveting of holidays, but to be fair it was well overdue.

The rain has come, accompanied by the darkness of the shorter daylight hours that is Winter. The trees are slowly shedding their Autumn leaves, and when I gaze from our lounge window I contemplate how I am to entertain Kien over the upcoming months. And on Tuesday I thought "oh what the heck, we'll do what we always do", and when the rain eased off for an hour in the afternoon Kien and I went stomping.

The park is just as much fun as it always is, even though we have to contend with muddy shoes and wet trousers.

Kien can now climb the ladder up to the slide all by himself! Don't worry, I do still stand behind him and am ready to catch if he slips.

My little Tarzan.

There are lots of oak trees around our neighbourhood, and therefore lots of acorns. Kien loves acorns; specifically digging them out of the mud and putting them in his mouth.

He also loves to share his find.

He found a little patch of daisies on the lawn, and he can never resist the urge to pick them:

...and you guessed it, he eats them all up--are those yummy, Kien?

He saw his little friend in the apartment block down the road, and I basically had to hang out there until Kien was ready to move on. I kid you not, we were there for about 15 minutes or so. Kien was sitting there waving and chatting to himself.

It was extremely dramatic and cute. What's funny is that when they are at the park together they hardly even acknowledge each other's existence, except when Kien steals Sharien's apple.

So all up our stomping around was a lot of fun. Now I just have to find gumboots that fit Kien - do they make them that small?

Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy little people

...makes happy big people! This weekend Kien has somewhat gone back to his old cheerful self with lots of laughter and joviality demonstrated. We are still having some wicked nights i.e. last night where he woke at 1am, 4am and by 5:45am he wasn't going back to sleep for anything. It's been a rough month!

His talking and communication skills are coming along quite nicely. He says "naana" for banana, "milk" (as well as signing for it), "more", "yummy", and "chee cha" for either raisin or cracker (and his sign for both of these items are the same - at least he is consistent). He also does the sleep sign and says something that sounds like "sleep time", as well as a whole lot of mimicking the sounds we make and words we say. Over the last few days he has also started signing for water and attempts to say the word. Most of the time though he just points and makes thatnoise - the unmistakable noise anyone who has been around small children (trying to tell an adult what they want) knows the sound of. And when we don't understand, it gets louder.

Yesterday we had a visit from Michelle and Thomas. It's lovely to have visitors, especially of the cute variety.

I grew up without any cousins at all, let alone cousins my age - so I think it is wonderful Kien and Thomas will grow up playing together (or not) at family gatherings. Jef can tell wonderful stories full of enchantment and adventures with his cousins when they holidayed together. I am envious.

Kien, was mostly gentle with Thomas. He is still learning about gentle hands/touch--the word "gentle" gets used a lot around here, and at daycare.

Adorable! Thomas and Kien held hands.

I'm sure his mother would admit that Thomas has a cute little pout, and he demonstrated this to us a few times. It makes you want to go "awwww" when you see it.


But most of the time he was just laid back and content.

Just chillin' out

Friday, April 22, 2011

Good times at the zoo

Last month Kien's daycare had an outing to the Auckland zoo.

My two guys got to spend the morning together. It looks like Kien had a heck of a lot of fun!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Out and about

The day started at 5:45am with Kien screeching and refusing to go back to sleep. Jef needed to get to work early so by 7:00am I was alone in the apartment with a child that points at something but is not satisfied with anything that is offered within the radius to which he is pointing. This guessing game got old pretty quickly so I decided to take him out to preserve my sanity, and ears.

We got to the Parnell library on time for Wriggle & Rhyme only to find out it's the school holidays (I'm not that observant of these compulsary interludes) and W&R sessions are suspended.

"I'm not impressed, Mummy!"

So we went to the next best place - the Winter gardens. I love this place; my friends and I used to wag class in 7th form and go there all the time (and the museum).

And of course the ever present box of raisins.

He exhibited the same clinging, whining, pointing and general dislike of everything Mummy does disposition post midday (too short) nap. Therefore we got out of the house again.

So as a change to our normal rendezvous with the playground down the road I took him Coyle Park instead.

I am always so glad that Kien is not phased by other kids pushing him around - he pushes them right back so that he can have a turn!

He had a great time banging on the musical keys.

Thank-you, my darling!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Four seasons in one day

It's just been one of those tough weekends where everyone in the household is a little (actually more than a little) under the weather. My usually sunny little boy has been having unsettled night sleeps with long night waking mainly consisting of screaming inconsolably.

He woke crying yesterday morning, but after 30 minutes of on/off/on he was smiling and chatting to himself as is his usual disposition. A mid morning drive to Dominion Rd for window fittings had him wailing for two thirds of the journey. By the time we got home, got him fed and in bed I was exhausted. He rewarded us with a lovely 2 and a 1/2 hours nap.

On the way to see my folks he chucked up. It appeared that he felt a a whole lot better after the vomit since it didn't phase him at all and he was all smiles for his grandparents. He ate a big serve of rice, vegetables, tofu and mince whilst there, but after 1 and a 1/2 hours he started to grizzle and was not interested in being charming anymore. When we wouldn't leave he started waving at everyone - his very clear communication of what he wanted! After a round of high fives we drove home. He didn't want dinner, and went to bed at 18:30 somewhat easily. So yes, four seasons in one day!

I had a bit of a meltdown this morning with the apartment looking like a child had been on a rampage, so jef sent me off for a walk with Kien while he cleaned the place.

We strolled through Western Park; meandering around the different paths made me feel as though I was in a forest in the middle of nowhere.

We did encounter a dog, and Kien's new thing is to point at dogs and say "dog".

Don't ask me why he decided to do this?!?

These shoes have been so abused by Kien, but they are still going strong. It will be so sad when we have to retire them as these are his first walking shoes.

He looked at me with his grubby little face making my heart melt.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Kid's dinner

Kien and I went to a kid’s dinner last week.

It was a lovely Friday afternoon, and we sat in Denise’s garden that was scattered with fun kid's stuff in amongst orange, brown and gold hues to remind us of the changing season.

I love the sound of children's laughter floating through the breeze, their happy giggles a reflection of their care free nature.

And there is just something magical about seeing children playing together in the background while mothers sip wine and chat contently (albeit briefly).

What on earth are those kids up to?

The slivers of the suns rays peered through the billowing clouds told us the day was drawing to a close, sooner than we would like, but inevitable none the less.

And little William followed us out.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Rainy days and Tuesdays

We are once again going through another bout of teething - these are his 11th, 12th, 13th and 14th ones...all on the bottom row. Jef thinks he has spotted some more tonight - top incisors *groan*. No wonder my little guy is so unsettled. They are giving him a fair bit of grief despite pain medication and copious amounts of chamomilla.

So yesterday was a mixed bag of laughter and tears; when he cries you want to hold him tight and kiss away his tears, and when he laughs it feels like the sun has come out and has dried up all the rain.

We had been to Wriggle and Rhyme at the Parnell library in the morning. He was very subdued and did not want to participate, staying on my knees or in my arms the entire session. Even the Hokey Cokey didn't get a laugh out of him.

He had an unsettled nap and woke up crying. Through the sobs I asked him if he wanted to eat some raisins and he didn't shake his head (which usually means he doesn't object to what has been offered).

He sat on the coffee table and giggled as he pried at the raisins in the box.

Some ended up in his mouth (and chewed/swallowed), while others were scattered here-there-and everywhere, and yet he still had a few left over to tip into his Mega-blocks cart.

Needless to say if anyone comes to our place you will no doubt step on/sit on or will be handed used and mangy looking raisins by little hands belonging to someone that expects a "ta" and will proudly wait for you to gobble up the goodies he has provided.

In the afternoon we went and visited my aunty Le at her house in St Lukes. Kien charged around the place and had a great time being wheeled around on her walker. Both my aunts chanced Kien around with a spoon to try and get him to eat. He teased them with his aloofness...he just loves all the attention of being chased!

Every night Kien has a bath before bed.

This was him telling me he has had enough.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Hanging at the hangars

What is it about giant hangers, tarmac, and the smell of jet fuel waffling through the air that makes me feel all giddy and excited? Could it be the giant aircrafts, turbines and engines that lurk around? C'est oui!

We had a splendid afternoon hanging out at the airport.

They had a stage set up in one of the hangers and had invited a number of "bands" and "acts". A lot of the acts consisted of kids from the Air New Zealand school of rock. The kids performed in bands and played a variety of music - mainly rock 'n roll. It really made me smile watching 10 year old children playing guitar, drums, base and rocking out "best of you" by Foo Fighters. Kien enjoyed the music too. He was bopping his head and bouncing around as he normally does when he hears music.

He got hold of the single serve biscuit packet they were giving out at the entrance, and was very determined to rip the covering and get to the contents.

No, my sweet boy - it will make you ill and your Epipen is at daycare.

There was a charter DC-3 available or a scenic flight around the city.

Nostalgia with the flight of the DC-3

There was also a police helicopter brought in especially for people to climb into and take pictures of. We were such folk.

And Kien skipped around the tarmac without a care in the world.


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