Monday, January 15, 2018


What have we been up to? A lot and not much. We've been to Mangawhai a couple of times. Yesterday we were there just to mow some lawns - yeah, I bought a second hand mower off Trade Me and ran that poor little thing within an inch of its life. So at least the lawns in the glades area and down at the bottom near the driveway is tidy and manageable, and we get a container to house our stuff there very soon. I forgot to take photos yesterday so only have these from Jef's phone.

Friends coming to play

We've had playdates with Kien's best buddies. These mainly consist of beyblade battles, visiting the park, and minecrafting (and sometimes ends in tears when one of them decides it would be funny to destroy someone's creation).

Visiting Kelmarna Gardens

It's a city farm and organic community garden just up the road in Grey Lynn. I was reminded of it when I took Kien for a bike ride the other day around Hukanui Reserve. We went there to have a look around and bought some vegetables. I'm definitely going to visit more often to get inspiration. They have miniature cows and a pony called Jafa.


We had to take Kien to the hospital to get a general check because he has swollen lymph nodes - the most noticeable being in his groin area. The GP was concerned and sent us off for a bunch of tests. Kien was very brave with the blood tests. He said it didn't really hurt at all and he was very interested in seeing the needle in his arm and the blood flowing out of it. We spend a couple of hours at Starship, and have been back to get chest x-rays done. We'll be back next week for an appointment with a paediatrician.


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