Tuesday, September 18, 2018

The War Memorial exhibition, the Winter Gardens and the haircut

The Winter Gardens

We've not been for a while, so on Sunday, after the haircut, Kien and I chose to visit this place first. Always a good time, always beautiful, but never this busy when we've visited! We only walked around half of one of the glasshouses, bumping into people and dodging cellphones and tripods. Kien and I looked at each other, and he said, "Yeah, way too crowded. Lets get out of here."

I know from the pictures it looks empty of people, but that's because its the first strip near the entrance way, and I basically stood in the middle of the isle, blocking the way for the photo op.

The War Memorial

From the Winter Gardens we ran up to the museum, stopping for a rest in a tree.

Truth be told we were actually racing each other, and I would have won but the cunning Kien choose to call a rest break. I told him he was a cheater. The denial was palpable.

There's a fantastic kids exhibition happening at the moment called "Secret World of Butterflies". Kien enjoyed colouring in his digital butterflies and seeing it fly on screen.

Also in the WWII section is this new interactive table where you fly the plane around to collect photo images for HQ intelligence. Kien loved it so much. We went back a couple of times after seeing other exhibitions just to have another go.

One of my most favourite parts of the museum are the stairwells. I used to imagine myself living here and running up and down the stairs in my ball gowns.

The haircut

We went to the Warehouse in Newmarket on the hunt for a new bay blade. Kien wanted to buy one with his own money - from birthdays and Christmas presents that we deposit into his bank account. Afterward we walked up the street on Broadway to a shop called Tip Top Haircut. The hairdresser was eccentric, and we waited for quite a while because the dude just talked and talked. He was so nice, and listened to Kien describe the haircut he wanted. Kien and I had done a google search beforehand and found a "something like this" picture. So we showed the hairdresser.

The hairdresser commented a few times how it was good Kien had his own sense of style. Ha, does he ever! Red and blue Crocs? Why not.

Yeah, Kien was in desperate need of a haircut. Oh, and in the pic above it captured a winged seed Kien had found and was trying to fly it high to catch the wind.


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