Sunday, May 22, 2016

While we were in Vegas...

We went on a roadtrip from LA to Las Vegas. Google said it would take just under 4 hours. Travelling with 2 families and young kids...yeah, right.

We stopped at the famous Alien Fresh Jerky store in Baker. It was certainly an experience.

We also stopped at an outlet mall. By this stage the storm had hit, and the high winds blowing across the desert was intense. The mall was practically empty and we were joking that it felt like we were in some sort of Waking Dead episode.

Finally we drove towards Las Vegas central, with the beam from the Luxor showing us our target.

We stayed at Ballys; next door the Paris.

The plan was to come to Las Vegas for whistle stop visit, see the Blue Man Group performance, and then leave the following day. We managed to have a relatively relaxing time here.

...and then we were on the drive back home to LA. The cloud formations were spectacular.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

While we were in LA...

In April we went to LA again. We love going the sunny California, and LA is like my second home, and staying with Lynette, Jeff and their boys in their house is like being with family.

American Military Museum

Jef and Jeff took the boys to the museum which isn't far from the house. On their website it says "The American Society of Military History is dedicated to preserving the rich history provided by the vehicles that the military has used."

Easter Carnival

Held at Smith Park just up the road from home, we walked there for the annual event. Oh my, it was crazy busy. We had pancakes and sausages for breakfast, and there were easter egg hunts for the kids in various age groups. The local fire brigade and law enforcement officers were there too. It was a good community event.

Discovery Cube Orange County

This is such an amazing place for kids and adults alike.

We were here for the Mega Bubblefest Laser Show performed by Deni Yang, world-famous bubble artist and Guinness record holder, and the general admission area was great entertainment before and after the show.

Here's a short clip of Kien playing on one of the many interactive exhibits.

There was a giant outside area where the kids ran around looking for fossils. They were given wands that they wave around at the fossil when they find it, which tracks their progress.

The kids were also able to build Mars rovers and launch rockets using iPads.

They did science experiments too.

Of course the main event was amazing, and there was no photography allowed. Afterwards however we were able to take a couple of pics.

That was the first 4 days of our trip. Then we went on a roadtrip - destination - Las Vegas.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Running in the city

I've registered both Jef and myself to running the Queenstown half marathon in November this year. I've heard it's a beautiful course, so I didn't want to miss out on that. Air New Zealand sponsors the event, so there's a lot of hype over it. In other breaking news, I've also (verbally) committed to running the LA marathon next year in March - which will be my first full marathon! I know! 42km is a heck of a long way to run...but not only that its all the preparation and training in the months beforehand. So I've been out there pounding the pavement at every opportunity I get to build my base fitness and show my body that, yes, it can do distances. I track my runs via Strava and have photos to accompany my logs on the app. It gives me a good record to show my progress and I can review the routes I've taken. Here are some pictures of our beautiful city that I've taken whilst out there running.

I feel very fortunate to be running in such scenic spots, which I must admit makes the training that much easier.


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