Travellers Tales

Whether it be short stints in NZ or taking off to further away destinations, we love to travel - and we want and crave to do it all the time. I get itchy feet when I've been doing the "everyday life" for too long and I have to take off somewhere again for a little adventure. Jef is the same, and since we've had Kien we've had to modify our holiday ideas to accommodate him. As he gets older it is starting to get easier, and we can go back to doing the types of adventure travels we've been putting off for the first three years of Kien's life. Here are some of our recent travelling adventures.

Exploring Venice in October 2015

Cruising the Mediterranean October 2015

The beauty of Paris in October 2015

While in Rome October 2015

Travelling to Hong Kong Sept/Oct 2015

Brisbane for the weekend in September 2015

Whistle stop to California April 2015

Bali adventures October 2014

Across the ditch to Sydney in September 2014

Quick getaway to Brisbane in December 2013

Our brief visit to LA August 2013

Our Vietnam adventure March/April 2013

Stopping off and briefly exploring Hong Kong March 2013

Our Cook Islands adventure July/August 2012

Our trip to the US in January/February 2012

Visiting friends in Brisbane during October 2011

Our jaunt to Wellington in June 2015

Back to the south island in June 2014

Visiting beautiful Queenstown March 2014

Our weekend adventures in November 2012

Our jaunt north to Whangarei in January 2012

Our cruising adventure in December 2011

Brief visit up north to Whangarei in August 2011


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