Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Other Honolulu titbits

Some interesting titbits we discovered traveling to this place. Firstly, Hawaii is expensive. Even when you don't take the exchange rate into consideration it's still expensive at face value...and don't forget, there's taxes and tips on top of the price.

We went for a walk along the beach near the hotel and saw this taco foodtruck. $4 taco, awesome. I bought one. It was practically a little larger than cigar sized. I also had to pay 20 cents more for tax. So $4.20. Yeah.

Everything is disposable. In the hotel rooms all cups, utensils...all disposble. Not only that but they also wrap the cups individually in a plastic bag. Each! They serve drinks from the bars in disposable cups. If you ask for a glass of water that's another disposable cup.

All the souvenir shops around our hotel vacinity stocked items made in Vietnam. I should have told them I was too hahahaha.

We discovered a great convenience store tucked away down an alleyway about 500 meters away. I found it on Google Maps and it had a really good rating. Stocked a range of stuff, including 2L of vodka for $15. Oh, by the way, the only thing that is cheap in Hawaii is over the counter liquor.

Cool story - when we came down from Diamond Head we were contemplating walking back to Waikiki. But then we saw the trolley parked up. We ran over and asked the driver how much it would cost to catch a ride back to the beach. He started explaining it was a tour he was doing, if we had booked, and that it was $25 each for the whole day and then $12 for one way...but I guess he got tired of explaining and told us to hop on anyway. So we got an awesome tour on a trolley back to Waikiki for free.

We just happened to be in Waikiki on the weekend of the 76th Annual Floral Parade on Kalakaua Avenue, and we got one of the best viewing platform - right from our balcony.

Jef went surfing. That has got us really excited about summer and going surfing up at Te Arai.


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