Saturday, January 2, 2010

Welcome home

Yesterday the baby weighed in at 2.700kg, 5.76% loss from birth weight. Midwife was pleased with that result since the average is 10%. We bundled him up in his car seat, checked out of Birthcare in the morning and brought Kien home.

It was really nice to come home. Jef has done an exceptional job of tidying and cleaning. I was so grateful.

It was Jef's turn for some serious bonding with Kien, and they spent hours together. I got a chance to get settled.

I'm feeding the baby whenever he asks for it - he just grizzles a bit to get my attention, and if I miss that queue he will give me a not so subtle demand! He has been very hungry, wanting milk every 1 1/2 - 2 hours. I've been able to get some sleep between feeds. Just as well I am used to surviving on very little sleep :-)

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Priya said...

Jeff & Lien,
Congratulations on the Birth of Your Son

Kien brings days filled with laughter and noise. A world full of excitement fun times and toys. He brings so much happiness right from the start, with cute smiles and giggles that capture your heart.

Your baby will bring love so much more than you know, which grows ever stronger as days come and go. He will change your life in a wonderful way bringing new meaning and joy to each day. So this comes to welcome your little one and wish you great times with your sweet baby son. Congratulations!


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