Saturday, February 27, 2010

Slow but steady

Its the end of the first week of sleep training and progress has been slow but the situation has definitely improved. We have been sticking to a consistent 3 hour routine of eat, activity, sleep. It is working well except that he has difficultly sleeping for longer than 1 sleep cycle (for him it is about 45 minutes including REM) per nap session. It is a mission trying to get him to have a full hour and 45 minutes. Sometimes I can transition him through, but with great difficulty. I am however learning a lot about Kien through this process.

I now give him a dream feed around 10-11pm, and I only give him 1 feed during the night. After a few nights of experimenting I know he can last the distance. Whats more he is hardly even interested in his 7:30am bottle, so therefore I will soon be dropping the middle of the night feed.

He is much easier to put down for a nap now that we have a routine. 15 minutes before his sleep time we go into the bedroom, draw the curtains, swaddle, and sit quietly to listen to one or two Sarah Brightman songs. By then Kien's eyes are rolling in the back of his head. I put him in his cot to the sound of brown noise played either from my iPhone or my netbook. I have been patting his back until he is completely asleep, but today all I have had to do is rest my hand on his chest for 5 minutes and he is asleep. Hopefully this is not just a fluke :-) He still only slept for 45 minutes and after doing everything I could think of to get him to sleep some more I gave him his pacifier.

We took him to the beach again the other day. It was fun, although we had to hurry home to get him in bed for his last nap as he was getting really cranky.


Michelle MacWhirter said...

Awwwww! That big picture of his face is so adorable - he has changed so much in the last few weeks. Was he laughing in that pic? The one with Jef is cute too.

Lien H said...

Yes, he laughs and giggles a lot, and it was nice to have captured it in a photo. He is growing very fast. I can't believe he is 9 weeks 1 day old already.


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