Wednesday, October 13, 2010

All in one place

Kien has exhibited an interesting behaviour - he puts things into one place. We scatter toys all around the lounge floor for him to find, and they end up on the table. He gathers them one at a time, crawls over to the table and puts them on top. When he is in the bath he puts his toys in the hole at one end of the tub. And when I am in the kitchen and he is behind the makeshift gate he drops all his toys over the fence.

We are teaching him how to clap at the moment and he is slowly getting it. Still no baby signs yet although I have been doing milk, mummy, daddy, eat, all finished and bath to him. I try to sign as much as possible when I remember. I've been waiting for him to do a sign back to me, and then I will ramp up the signing.

He is getting the hang of mimicking a few sounds/words we make. Kien's sound for "Hello" is "Uh-oh", and most of the time when we say it to him he will say it back. He also says "mama" if we say "mama", and "dada" and "baba" as well. Also he will mimick a rising squeal if we do it.

The other day Kien crawled over and handed me toys, twice. He has handed me things before (more like dropping things in front of me or in my hands if I catch it), but this time it was an obvious handing over of his toys, and Jef witnessed it too.

All of this development is so exciting!

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Michelle MacWhirter said...

Great blog entry, it's so fun reading about all his changes. He's growing up so fast!


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