Thursday, June 14, 2012

The lovely outdoors

If it isn't raining you'll find us outside most of the time. I'm not good being cooped inside, especially when Kien is running and jumping on the couch and chairs after throwing all the cushions into the middle of the lounge, and the kitchen's a mess, and the floors in all rooms are strewn with toys and bits of food. If Kien is not jumping he's fighting with the iPad, or the TV, or the transmitter that won't make the car go, or the screwdriver as he tries to dismantle the RC helicopter body from the frame, or....(don't get me started on the moaning noise the toddler makes to let you know every bit of frustration he feels - every minute).

So we go out.

Jef or I usually run through a list of ideas on where we could go or what we could do as we are backing out of the carpark. Last Sunday he said "Waterfront", I agreed thinking he meant Mission Bay, and he drove us to North Wharf.

My desk at work gets a perfect view of that building being contracted. I'm looking forward to seeing it finished, and I'm hoping Jef will be able to work there at least once a week. That would be fun - we haven't worked within 1 kilometre of each other since 2006.

The boys ran around the Event Centre, while I admired the boats with the backdrop of the Viaduct and CBD.

I love these city apartments and contemplated getting one - until I found out they are leasehold, and usually less than 99 years, some just 50 years.

We walked over the bridge and back, stopping at the playground. Jumping was the name of the game.


We have a fabulous park at the end of our road.

In winter it gets a bit muddy, but if it hasn't rained then it's a brilliant place for Kien to burn off some energy.

Sometimes after we've been out somewhere and it's just a little bit too early to come home for dinner we'll go to the park and have a play.

Jef participates. Kien likes that. "Come on, Daddy."

There are some great tree roots for Kien to climb here.


The other day we were heading out to visit my dad and Kien fell asleep. So we stopped at Mutukaroa - Hamlins Hill Regional Park and I went for a wander. I came across some interesting fungi on the gravel trail.

The bush was filled with Manuka blossoms. They are so pretty.

I came across a park bench and thought I'd take a self portrait.

It's so weird that as I walked along the trail, through and up the lush park/hill I "forgot" that this is smack bang in the middle of an industrial area.

It was an interesting walk - I think Kien will like it up there. He can chase the cows.


Lea White said...

I think Auckland is such a beautiful city. I will always have fond memories of the place!

Sparkle and Co said...

I don't know Auckland, it seems interesting. My son is like yours : he always jumps and runs. The good thing is that he sleeps well.
Have a nice week end ;)


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