Tuesday, April 1, 2014

When the weather makes you happy

Oh how I love the inaccuracies of weather outlooks and it turns out to be everything that wasn't predicted. In the previous week leading up to the weekend (that's 2 weeks ago now) I had been keeping an eye on both the metservice and weatherwatch forecasts, and both said we were in for rain. Come Friday afternoon though it was looking up, with rain hitting in the afternoon. On Saturday morning we woke up to bright sunny skies and southeast 10-15 knots forecasted for Waitemata harbour and Hauraki gulf, so it was a green light for going out on Cariere.

You know how sometimes you get one of those weekends where it was unexpectedly fabulous even though there wasn't anything majority significant about it (even though every time we go sailing it always feels special), well it was kinda like that. Everything just felt happy. There wasn't a lot of wind but we managed to tack all the way out of the harbour, and once we were on course and heading straight to Motoihe we were relaxing in the cool breeze with the glorious sun's rays beaming down on us.

The gulf was full of boats. There were lots of racing going on.

Once again as we sailed past Rangitoto we were becalmed. The water was glassy and our sails were floppy. So we turned on the motor with West Bay in our sights. Kien slept through, as he usually does when we are sailing.

After anchoring Kien was keen to go to the beach, so the boys paddled off in the kayak while I relaxed onboard. But then it was warm, and I was in a beautifully sheltered bay, and my brand new wetsuit was calling for a test drive (or rather test dive), so I impersonated a whale as I flopped around squeezing myself into the thing and dived off the back of the boat. Ah yes, it felt heavenly, although my wetsuit that was supposed to fit me like a glove was letting in a tiny bit of water. (Urgh, the disadvantage of being an in-between sized person i.e. slightly tall, maybe medium build - the charts said I was supposed to fit a 6 whatever-that-means, but I couldn't because it wasn't long enough so I had to get a 7! And who comes up with such ridiculous charting/sizing systems that define you as normal or tall - where tall essentially means bigger.)

That night we had a spectacular sunset, and I love seeing the city from this perspective.

The following day we leisurely gave Kien his breakfast while I sipped multiple cups of coffee and contemplated life, then we kayaked to the rocky beach for a picnic.

We found ourselves a perfect spot down the beach right above the rocks. It was in a shady, flat and elevated position with a tree that formed an arch which made the picnic spot feel like an enchanted fairy garden (yes, I've been watching too much "Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom"). But look! See what I mean?

After coming back to the boat plus a swim we headed home at a comfortable pace. Jef did the majority of the work, including a line out the back to try and catch me some dinner. Nothing caught, except a beautiful rainbow.

I know there's a philosophy about having contrast to make you appreciate the good times, and I agree almost 100% except when it comes to sunshine and the weather. Give me sun with blue skies 365 days of the year and I'll be the happiest person on earth.


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