Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas morning

Last night Kien was wondering whether he had been good all day so that he would get a visit from Santa. We reminded him he had to have been good all year, and we asked if he had been. "I think I have been good, sometimes." he said. I asked him if he thinks Santa will be coming. He said, "I'm pretty sure Santa will come, but maybe he will only give me 1 present." Well it was 10:30pm when Kien finally put out a tart and beer for Santa (but he had to taste the tart first, apparently, to make sure it was OK for Santa. 2 bites later...). Straight to bed without any stories because it was way too late - he yammered on about Santa and having to go to sleep before he could come along and how Santa will have to come through the door instead of the chimney because we don't have one. Finally, he fell asleep.

I was awoken by a kid who sprung out of bed and asked excitedly if he could go and see if Santa had visited. Thump thump thump as he trotted downstairs, and then silence, and then a very surprised/excited, "Mummy! Santa DID visit last night, and he left presents!"

Right, so I've got to get up and changed so we can officially start our day. Have a happy day!


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