Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Summiting a volcano

...albeit a dormant volcano, but Kien has been talking about giant craters and volcanoes for quite some time. We've been promising him a trip to Rangitoto, and on Sunday we delivered. It didn't take us too long to sail there, although we did have to throw in numerous tacks in the process.

Once we anchored in McKenzie Bay we kayaked to the island and made our way up.

Kien was so excited seeing all this new stuff he walked practically the entire way on his own two feet! (as opposed to getting a lift with me and then I've got an extra 15kg to carry).

Made it!

We stopped for some lunch and took in the gorgeous views.

Then the long trek back down to the shore.

Day trip done. One hour left before the tide was completely out and we were cutting it close as we left the bay, almost running aground. The depth alarm went off at 1.9 meters - phew, we didn't get stuck.


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