Thursday, September 24, 2015

A brief visit across the ditch

Last minute decision to hop on a plane and go visit a friend for the weekend in Brisbane. I emailed the school on Friday to let them know Kien wasn't coming in on Monday. Jef dropped us off at the airport on Saturday morning...minus 1 koala which we forgot at home! Oh the tears. Koala, Kien's sleep buddy and comfort soft toy - how can Mummy forget to pack it? Oh man, it's going to be a tough weekend for Kien without his best friend.

We waited for our departure at the wonderful AirNZ Koru lounge where I ate by self silly on their delicious breakfast buffet. We were so comfortable we almost missed our flight. 

We had to run to the gate, but we weren't the only people still boarding, thank goodness. 

I love how Kien still likes to holds my hand (finger) whenever he can. 

I've come to Brisbane a number of times to visit my childhood friend, Justine. We spent most of the weekend eating and drinking copious amounts of coffee. Her girls are low energy, so everyone is happy just to hang out at home. By the late afternoon though I knew that Kien needed to burn off, so we went over to Justine's sister's place for some trampolining action.

Kien and I conked out pretty early since there is a 2 hour difference between Auckland and Brisbane. 

On Sunday we went to Eat Street Markets - yeah, that really is what it's called. I discovered plantain, which is part of the banana family but used like a vegetable. It's delicious. 

After stuffing myself silly the kids and I got, well, silly.

We then headed home, and although the pool looked very inviting it was a tad too brisk and windy for a swim. The kids broke out the play dough instead and all was quiet for a while.

Then just like that Monday was upon us and we were back at the airport waiting for our flight home.

He was adamant he wanted to eat everything on that plate. He did alright with his attempt.

Good bye Brisbane. 


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