Sunday, May 22, 2016

While we were in Vegas...

We went on a roadtrip from LA to Las Vegas. Google said it would take just under 4 hours. Travelling with 2 families and young kids...yeah, right.

We stopped at the famous Alien Fresh Jerky store in Baker. It was certainly an experience.

We also stopped at an outlet mall. By this stage the storm had hit, and the high winds blowing across the desert was intense. The mall was practically empty and we were joking that it felt like we were in some sort of Waking Dead episode.

Finally we drove towards Las Vegas central, with the beam from the Luxor showing us our target.

We stayed at Ballys; next door the Paris.

The plan was to come to Las Vegas for whistle stop visit, see the Blue Man Group performance, and then leave the following day. We managed to have a relatively relaxing time here.

...and then we were on the drive back home to LA. The cloud formations were spectacular.


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