Wednesday, June 22, 2016

The warmth of Southeast Asia

Been back over a week now and I'm still reviewing and processing photos from our trip. Blog posts will be written in drips and drabs as priorities allow. I won't even bother making excuses or provide explanations on time constraints. Truth be known I'm just damn lazy!

Katong, Singapore

We moved away from the island of Sentosa and spent a night and half a day in Katong, Singapore. The Grand Mercure Hotel is located opposite Marine Parade markets. It's also a nice short walk to the beach, but since it was raining on and off we didn't spend a huge amount of time there. Instead we wandered around and enjoyed being in another country. Singapore is not like other South East Asian countries. Not that it's good or bad, but it's clean and sterile. Make what you will of that statement.

I had a lovely asian breakfast (I don't know what it was) at the markets after we gave Kien pancakes from Mc D's. It's a blessing in disguise there are Golden Arches all over the world!

We enjoyed the pool at our hotel even though it was raining...which means no one bothers going swimming. Nice for us.

Off to the airport in the afternoon and we were on our way to Thailand.

We flew over Senai Kulai, Johore.

And the Straits of Malaca.

Kathu, Phuket

My first exploration of our area was a jog to the beach at dawn. I watched the sunrise from Tri Trang beach.

Behind the screen is a building site, and there is full on work happening to construct a giant resort.

We spent the first day pretty much poolside. I did walk to the local store to get some beverages.

We had dinner up the hill from the beach. The kids had western food, Jef had Pad Thai, and I had a lovely seafood salad. Everything washed down well with Chang.

On Monday we decided to head down to Pa Tong. We wandered around the shops for a bit, then went to the beach for a bit. It was so hot and sticky and crowded, and so we all made a unanimous decision to hop in a tuk tuk and head up the hill to the other resort where we could use their facilities since it's all part of the same group.

Got to the gate and we could have been any old crowd as the guard didn't even question us.

We started teaching Kien how to dive.

We cooled off in the pool for a couple of hours. Bliss.


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