Tuesday, August 9, 2016

School field trip

My first field trip with Kien's school was last Friday. We went to Butterfly Creek with 3 classes. 2 buses turned up to pick us up, and they were both the bendy bus type so we only filled half of each bus.

We got to Butterfly Creek around 10am and had our morning tea while logistics were getting sorted by the teachers. I must say, it is quite nice to not be involved in organising anything, but instead being organised for. How refreshing!

I had been assigned a group of 6 kids. They were very cute! We went to the Dinosaur Kingdom for a briefing about habitats.

We then headed for the train. We were the first group on the train.

After the train we went through to the farm.

Then to the butterfly house (which some kids freaked out in since they got scared of the fluttering around their heads) so we didn't stay in there for long. We passed through the crocodile enclosure and then went back to the Dinosaur Kingdom for lunch.

After lunch we were back at the crocodile enclosure for the show.

Then that was it. We got back on the bus and played "Eye Spy" all the way back to school.


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