Friday, March 17, 2017

What's been happening

March is almost over! Wow. Thought I'd drop in some pictures to let you know what's been happening.

We took Kien bowling. He's been asking and asking and we've been putting him off, so it was about time we followed through. I didn't know how he knew about bowling and thought it was something he had watched. Then when we got to Metrolanes in the city he said he was here the last time he went bowling. We thought he was making it up, but I had forgotten that he went with the folks from school holiday programme - so he wasn't just telling stories again hehehehe.

We've finished up cricket for the season - well actually we are away for the final 2 games and when we come back we are hoping to make it to prize-giving. It has been a great season. Kien has really enjoyed it (for the most part).

We've been harvesting strawberries from the garden. Season is over so we are getting stragglers, but anything is good.

It's also been raining so much! The garden enjoys the soaking, as does the Venus Fly Trap. I hope it will be alright while we are away. We've been really looking after this plant since our last one shrivelled up and died through lack of watering.

Speaking of the weather, in the weekend there was finally a break from the rain so I got Kien on his bike and down to the park for some much needed running around.

Wednesday night we took off - destination LA. Sunday is the marathon!

This is the enclosed "outside" area of the Air New Zealand Koru lounge.

Landed in LAX yesterday to relive Wednesday all over again.


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