Saturday, October 21, 2017

Mangawhai glades - part deux

Last Sunday we went up to Mangawhai again. Jef just wanted to get stuck in and clear out everything that shouldn't be there. I just wanted to lie around and do nothing, and maybe take some photos, and go to the beach and walk around the rocks. Kien didn't know what he wanted to do but anything that was interesting. We all got our wish.

On a clear day we can see the Hen and Chicken Islands from our property. Looking north in the direction of the township we see the Brynderwyns.

It was a beautiful day, and I settled on a blanket in the middle of our glade.

Jef and Kien got stuck in. Jef demolished the structures they had left in the forest, and Kien chopped down pittosporum that was growing wild.

In the end Jef cleared 2 structures, and in the process uncovered lots of spiders and wetas of varying sizes.

I took Kien to Te Arai Point for a quick walk around the rocks.

No 3G or 4G out there, as I discovered on our drive back to the property. I obviously didn't make a turn somewhere that would pop me just up the road from our property. Instead I drove along Oceanview Rd for ages, and a roughly 10 minute drive back ended up taking more than half an hour. I live and learn.


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