Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Our quiet Christmas day

It has been go-go-go, and I've basically hit the wall today. This morning I was up at 4am wrapping the remainder of the presents - Jef had done the majority of the wrapping last night when Kien and I had crashed out. I went back to bed to get a little bit more shut-eye but the kid decided that 6am was wake up time on Christmas day. We stretched out his patience until 7am before heading downstairs.

He got a letter telling him how good it is that he has been kind and considerate this year, and to keep up with his learning.

On his list this year he had asked for a whole bunch of beyblades, most of them rare. I had managed to find one of them at the last minute on Mighty Ape, and a launcher that he really wanted. The rest of his presents this year were practical ones that we can take up to Mangawhai, like board games and a magnetic backing torch. He didn't seem to mind that Santa gave him a jar of vitamins and a packet of Oreos - hey, they does like both of those things a lot!

Then Jef and I took turns at catching up on sleep. We sure know how to party around here. As the weather was so miserable all our planning of driving up to the property today was shot, so it was a good opportunity to be still for a day. Kien didn't mind. He had plenty of beyblade battles today!


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