Saturday, February 3, 2018


The last time we were here was way before Kien was even a thought. Jef and I went to Splore music and arts festival at Tapapakanga Regional Park once upon a time when we first got together (when we were mere teenagers hehehehe). The Saturday that was the start of Auckland anniversary weekend Lynette was going there with her family and a truckload of stuff for a fun filled beaching experience. Jef was getting the yacht ready for us to go out for the long weekend, so I was in charge of entertaining a Kien - which, if left to his own devices would be on one all day! No no, there's sunshine and fun to be had at the beach. An hour and ten minutes after we set off from home we were there.

Wow, the water was so warm! We swam all afternoon, and Kien enjoyed kayaking around with the other kids. Lynette had brought everything (and almost the kitchen sink). They barbequed up some patties and chicken skewers for dinner. We hung around until we were one of the few stragglers left.

We then drove back to Lynette's family farm to pick up fish heads, marlin steaks and fresh eggs from her chooks. What a fabulous start to a long weekend!


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