Monday, August 27, 2018

Juneau whales and glaciers

For our stop in Juneau we decided to organise for an onshore excursion from the ship prior to disembarking - like the day before. That's the first time; normally we try winging it. But this time I wanted to make sure we got to see what we wanted for our stop in Juneau and not miss out. It was totally worth it.

We got up really early (as the afternoon tour was sold out so we had to get on the 8:30am session). Short bus ride to the catamaran that took us out to the channel where the whales play, and then away we went. The catamaran was fast, and manouverable.

For two hours we looked for whales, and when we came across one, the captain would slow down and quietly glide up close so we could watch the creature.

We then zoomed over to see some sea lions lazing around in the sun.

It's so beautiful out here. We were fortunate to have had spectacular weather. It was definitely crisp and cold, but it didn't matter. We were dressed warmly and the sun was out.

Back on land the bus took us to the Mendenhall Glacier Visitor Center. We went for the 2.5km walk to the waterfall to get a closer view of the glacier.

Then it was back to the township for a quick walk around before it was time for all aboard. Such a pretty little town. What an adventure we had.


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