Friday, December 20, 2019

Pre birthday birthday party

I didn't feel like doing anything large this year for Kien's birthday party. It's just too hard at this time of the year. I asked him what he wanted to do, and he was really keen for a room escape challenge. So last Sunday that's that we did with a small group of his close friends. They truly are such an eclectic mix, which makes it very interesting when they get together.

We had to split the group into 2 teams to go to 2 separate rooms. Kien was in a room called "The Bach" and the other group went to "The Shed". They had an hour to solve clues to open locks and get out. I was locked in with Kien's group, and they were so excited throughout the whole thing. We managed to get out, but with lots of help from the game master, and with extra time as well.

All round we had a great day. Kien and his friends enjoyed it - that's the main goal. Tick, another parental obligation fulfilled.


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