Saturday, August 28, 2021

Hello from Auckland

Hello hello. We're at home in lockdown since Tues 17th August at 23:59. Back to homeschooling. Back to me working in the kitchen to free up the new study for Kien. Back to trying hard to keep our sanity.

Back to rolling out of bed and being straight into work. Kitchen table and room can't stay tidy for long.

I see myself in photos these days and I look so much like my dad. I've always been under the impression I look like my late mother, but not anymore. Once I surpassed 30 times years of being on this earth my features morphed into my father's, hahaha.

I went for a walk. I finally got out of the house! One week since we went into lockdown. It was lovely.

Again this year, just like last year, we were in lockdown for my birthday. So didn't do anything special. Went to bed early, and that's about it.

Have a good evening wherever you are.


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