Tuesday, November 24, 2009


As the rays of sunshine peak through the gray clouds on what has been a drizzly Auckland day I find myself calculating how many hours of line drying the swaddling cloths would need. I've already spent the last hour and a half assembling the 8 perfectly washed/dried nappies (that I had diligently soaked in water for 24 hours to enable the fibres to relax for maximum absorbency), and a good majority of that time was consumed by an expectation of how well they were going to fit a newborn, and how cute they will look on the wearer.

OK, who is this person I have become? Even six months ago I would not have predicted my thought processes would be invaded by an over zealous preoccupation regarding babies! And yet here I am, in countdown mode, intoxicated by the excitement of the indefinite time yet to come.


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