Thursday, December 3, 2009

Birth on time!

Yesterday I saw one of my midwives at Birthcare and we discussed a birthing plan. The ideal scenario is this:
27th Dec
19:00 - the show
28th Dec
07:00 - waters break, and soon after the latent phase of labour
15:00 - active labour phase, off to Birthcare and into the spa
21:00 - transition to second stage of labour
22:00 - baby pops out
22:15 - placenta is expelled
23:00 - feed baby
23:30 - feed myself!

Of course the birth plan that the midwife put together looks nothing like the aforementioned. In fact the only word that appears both in my scenario and the birth plan is "water". I have now been informed I cannot actually deliver in the water if I choose to have the umbilical cord blood collected for stem cells banking. So I'm already on plan B before the whole thing has even begun.

Today I went to a morning tea at Birthcare and met some mothers who have just had their babies. It was very nice to have heard 3 stories of babies coming on time and pretty much according to plan. That gives me a certain level of comfort. Now I need to run off to a homeopath and get some remedies that will help with delivery on or close to the due date.


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