Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Officially 3 months old

Yesterday Kien turned 3 months old. I am hoping this is a turning point in his eating and sleeping habits, but I am not holding my breath! He did however manage to consume 870 mls of milk, some of which was formula to entice him to drink more. These days he struggles to get close to 800 mls per day. He just doesn't like to eat and sleep very much obviously.

This picture was taken last Wednesday at the Plunket family clinic. I went there to get help with his sleeping, and guess what...they couldn't get him to sleep for any longer than I can. So they resigned to the fact he must be one of those babies that don't sleep much :-/ Kien really enjoyed being there though. They called him "the charmer" because every time they tried to make him sleep he smiled and giggled at them. They eventually gave in and let him play under the baby gym. He loved that thing; he was kicking and bopping it with his fists, giggling with delight. They were really surprised he was able to do that, and told me it was very early for him to have developed those skills. Jef was very proud when I told him this :-D

Today the Plunket nurse came for the 3 month visit. He was weighed and measured. Kien has finally cracked the 5 kg mark...he is 5.15kg, and 61cm in length. Yes, still long and lean. She has recommended we start him on solids at 4 months since he is struggling with the milk and putting on weight. I am actually quite excited about introducing solids; its a whole new adventure.


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