Friday, April 2, 2010

Middle of the night adventures

So here I am once again; its almost midnight and I've just given Kien his dream feed (which he gets every night around 11pm). Usually he is fast asleep after this feed, but in the last week he has been very restless and I've had to give him his pacifier. However what is happening now is that he is having issues with his pacifier. We've purchased a bigger (and different shaped) ones but he is still struggling. He opens his mouth a lot wider than is necessary to suck it and of course he can't hold it, so it keeps dropping out. I've decided that perhaps its better that I don't keep persevering. So I've introduced him to a 'lovey' which I've cuddled in bed for a week to make it smell like me. That's him cuddling it.

I now have to be patient and pat him whenever he wakes for his pacifier (which can be quite a lot). I'm hoping this will not go on for too long! Lets see how it all pans out in the next few days. When will I ever have a full nights sleep again?

02:02am - spoke (or rather blogged) too soon. He refused his milk and kept whining. As soon as the pacifier went in he went to sleep. I guess the pacifier is staying a little longer until I un-swaddle his hand and he can self soothe.


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