Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sleep training???

What is that exactly? Does anyone in this household know anymore? Months and months of hard work seems to have faded into oblivion and now we are feeding to sleep, feeding every time he wakes up, rocking him to sleep if he won't settle, and taking him to bed if it gets really ugly. That's what happens when you feel desperate!

We really have to get back on track - not that it really ever was anyway, but more so than the current situation. He is 28 weeks old today and I feel like he has us wrapped around his little finger and manipulating us (not that he knows he is doing it, of course!). We have basically allowed it to happen and now we have to undo it. Aarrhhh, more hard work!

Oh boy, I've perfected my recipe for mulled wine...this is dangerous.


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