Saturday, July 31, 2010

A week of almosts....

So Kien is almost crawling, but not quite. He slithers around on the ground pretty quickly though and can move across our lounge floor like nobody's business.

And we have almost ditched swaddling, but not quite. We no longer tie him down using the miracle wrap. He goes into the Pekemoe and is loosely swaddled with the muslin wrap just to give him the familiar comfort and security. He has only done one night this week where I haven't put the muslin wrap around him - but it was difficult. Can't wait until he no longer needs it. I think he will definitely sleep better without.

We managed to get an appointment with the Auckland Allergy Clinic next week. Here's hoping they find something instead of concluding it is Kien's constitution.

He has been taking a few longer naps these days which is great - but still unpredictable. Jef and I think it may be a combination of all the things we have been trying, but who knows! I think Kien is highly sensitive to whatever is going on with him and around him - whether it be teething, itchy skin, gas, bloating, light, dark, noise etc etc. On top of this I also think there is something in the house he is allergic to which causes his eyes to itch and contributes to the eczema issues. Perhaps he has intolerances to whatever I am consuming, but I am yet to recognise any distinguishable differences since I cut all the stuff out of my diet.


Michelle MacWhirter said...

His almost-crawling is really cool, when I was there on Thursday he crawl-shuffled all the way from the coffee table to the kitchen to see what I was doing. Then he sat in front of the fridge giggling.

Forgot to say he slept through me vacuuming and banging around, he didn't even turn his head, that was great.

Rod & Irene said...

Hello Lien! I meant to tell you I thought his room was a little too warm, exma get itchier when you are warm. It's also worse in winter and you may find in summer it just disappears, and he grows out of it.

We loved looking after him the other night and Glenn and I are always happy to do evening baby sitting!

love Sandra

Lien H said...

Thanks, Sandra. Yes, I told Jef the room was a bit warm and I keep turning the heater down but then I find Jef has turned the heater back up thinking it is too cool! Anyway, have had a stern talk to him about it and the heater is now down low to keep the room at 19 degrees.

Thanks for letting us out for the night. It was really nice to be a normal adult again.

kheperi said...

It was cold!


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