Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Attack of the crazies

Oh boy how crazy things have been during the last couple of weeks. Kien has been completely out of sorts; extremely clingy and extremely grizzly. The poor little guy has 4 teeth coming through all at once. He has been in quite a lot of discomfort, and we have had to give him paracetamol and teething gel as often as is necessary and within the recommended guidelines.
He looks like a little vampire with only the tips showing through the top gum-line :-)

Neither Jef nor I have been getting much sleep (what's new) and I've had a few episodes that resemble meltdowns - the worst one landing on my birthday! So I've decided to send Kien off to daycare for 3 full days a week to provide me some more sleeping time. Also I need to salvage the vestige of my scattered brain; at this point I cannot fathom ever being able to go back to work and functioning in the same capacity.

I can see that Kien is taking after his dad already.
He LOVES cables!

1 comment:

Michelle MacWhirter said...

Gorgeous pictures. Beneath that cute exterior lies an evil baby of doom lol! (only teasing). Sorry he's being so hard on you. I hope daycare offers a good break :-)


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