Saturday, August 14, 2010

Perpetually changing

No sooner has he mastered sitting Kien is also now able to maneuver from sitting to crawling back to sitting position. We noticed this transition at the beginning of the week. He can do it so effortlessly by merely tucking one leg/foot under his body.

Today was the first time he pulled himself up to stand using the table. He was so determined to get at the juggling balls on the table. It was scary watching him as he was so wobbly I was afraid he was going to slip and smack his head - which he did but luckily it wasn't a hospital visit, only a mini backward slump. When he hurts himself the best thing we can do is laugh at him so that he is distracted and would think there was something funny going on. It works most of the time.
We took him to get his blood tests this morning. I was so nervous and had put it off all week. But there was no drama whatsoever; he acted like nothing happened throughout the entire procedure!

He's been talking up a storm as well; lots of dadada, bababa, yayaya and aydaa. Unfortunately he has entire conversations to himself in the small hours as well - like at 4:17 this morning! At 5:30 I took him into bed for a cuddle. I couldn't sit there patting any longer. My back was sore and I was cold. He eventually fell asleep while I jiggled him back and forth.

His top teeth are going to cut through any day now. His gums are so swollen, and you can see the teeth just under the surface. From what it looks like it won't be the two front teeth that will come through first I don't think. The ones next door looks further ahead and I can actually see the tips. We've been putting teething gel on which he screams at but does get instant relief from.

The latest thing that makes Kien giggle uncontrollably is the ball bouncing against the wall.

Kien also likes to explore, and is not really interested in his toys as much as in things that we don't want him to be interested in. Go figure!


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