Thursday, September 16, 2010

Best night yet

Last night was the best night as far as sleeping through the night is concerned. Kien had a proper dreamfeed at 23:25 and settled back after he had finished his bottle without even waking up. Then he self settled all through the night when he transitioned between sleep cycles, and finally waking for the day at 6:19. I didn't have to go in there to comfort him once!

He's pretty good at being on his feet these days. I was in the kitchen this morning and turned around to see this. Such a little monkey!

I still can't get over what a difference him being able to sleep has made to our life, especially for my sanity! I'm now back running to get fit and healthy again. Yesterday I ran 8km in 1 hour - not bad considering it was only my 6th run since pre-pregnancy.


CoalEO said...

Lien it's wonderful he's sleeping, I like the way you described it: like you haven't had a lobotomy after all. So true!

Michelle MacWhirter said...

Standingh already? That's amazing, go Kien go! And how fantastic about his sleep. I am so happy for you guys.

Mat can't believe that you ran 8k's in an hour, he's very impressed.


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