Thursday, September 23, 2010

How many dirty nappies?

I have just changed Kien's forth soiled nappy for the day. I'm expecting another one or two before bedtime tonight. The more he eats the more he poos I guess :-) And they are real stinkers too! Good thing I'm his mother!

Speaking of nappies he is now on the "crawler" size for disposables, and when we use the washables we no longer button them up to make them smaller. He isn't much bigger than he was a month ago, just longer.

Speaking of crawling Kien has been on all fours properly now for the last week or so. He no longer does the commando crawl unless he is too lazy, but he wants to get wherever he wants to go fast so it is much more effective being up on his knees. Boy can he go....really fast, and thumpy.


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