Thursday, November 18, 2010

Another doctor's visit

Gosh it just feels like we are constantly at the doctors with Kien for one reason or another. Today I took him for a follow-up from last week because he is now coughing and has a really snotty nose. He is still on antibiotics - 8th day today of a 10 day course. His ears are a lot better and not so inflamed, and his tonsillitis has cleared. The doctor said we just need to ride it out with this new virus, which he more than likely picked up from daycare, again.

This is the second week Kien is on an elimination diet as prescribed by the dietitian we are seeing. She is working in conjunction with the allergist. So he cannot have any chicken, rice, corn, celery and of course milk products and any nuts. Elimination of rice is the hardest thing for me, because Kien likes to eat rice cereal. I also used to add rice cereal to practically everything I made for him as a thickener. So I have now cooked and tasted quinoa for the first time ever, and it is pretty yummy. Kien seems to like it too so that is good news.

I'm back to work next week - only 2 days a week until Xmas. I am actually looking forward to it. What's even better is that my first day back (Thursday) I will only be there in the morning, and then we are going to Waiheke Island in the afternoon for my team's Xmas party. Being paid to that's my idea of work.


Michelle MacWhirter said...

Wow back at work already, youur first day back sounds like it will be a lovely one. Gosh, it still feels to me that Kien was only just born, where has the time gone?

Hopefully he perks up and feels better soon. I wonder why so many babies/children get food allergies in this day and age?

Much love to you all xoxox

Michelle MacWhirter said...

I forgot to ask, how are his sleep patterns these days? I am sure I'll be asking you for lots of advice in the future.


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