Monday, November 8, 2010

Sale Street rendezvous

The family that consists of 2 adults and 1 child went on another afternoon rendezvous to Sale St yesterday. It was a lovely warm day, and when we arrived there was a musician playing his guitar/singing in the courtyard of patrons also enjoying the sunshine.

Kien sat quietly in the buggy watching the musician while I drank cider and Jef had some red ale. I started feeding Kien some fruit soon after, and of course he vomited - lots. Jef caught most of it in his hands! After we cleaned up Kien was no longer sitting in his buggy quietly. I guess he felt a whole lot better after spewing. He crawled around our legs under the table and had a great time.

We walked back home via Victoria Park.


CoalEO said...

Sorry to hear he is still vomiting, that's pretty hard to deal with esp when you're worried about his weight. Hope it stops soon :)

Michelle MacWhirter said...

He's so gorgeous :-), also sorry to hear about the vomiting, poor little dude.

Michelle MacWhirter said...

Just had to comment again, I love his hat, it's so cute!


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