Tuesday, February 1, 2011

No wriggling nor rhyming today

I haven't taken Kien to Wriggle & Rhyme for ages since it conflicts with his nap, but this morning he woke up late so I decided to take him to the Grey Lynn library session. Since I only remembered at 10:30 I had to get there in 15 minutes. So I got him into the buggy and sprinted there....only to find out it was not on today :-( due to it being anniversary weekend (yeah, go figure!). Kien had a chance to play with some kids anyway. I texted Jef and told him where we were and why we were there and that there were lots of other disappointed mothers too. He suggested starting human beat-boxing, get a groove going and start wriggling!!!Can you imagine? It would be like a scene out of a movie :-)

Over the weekend Kien started signing back to us. Jef and I were talking and he heard "hat" and signed it. Then I said "milk" and he signed that. Yesterday I showed him how to sign "cracker" and he did that, then last night I did "bath" sign when we were going to have a bath and he signed that too. He is now slowly getting the hang of signing, which is great because it has been ages coming. I've been signing to him since he was born, but I admit not as consistently as I would have liked. But now that he is signing back I will be signing a lot more to him. Hopefully when he gets better at it I will be able to take a movie. Watch this space.


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