Monday, January 31, 2011

A visit from Thomas

On Saturday we had a lovely visit from Thomas, accompanied by his parents Michelle and Mat. I enjoyed holding and talking to Thomas; he was responsive, chatty and completely adorable.

Kien had a blast playing with Mat - it was fun just watching them!

Mum and Rod stayed for a brief lunch of Subway rolls after I put Kien down for a nap.

In the afternoon we went to Butterfly Creek. The butterfly enclosure was really cool - actually exceptionally warm and humid!

We didn't really think much of the rest of the "attractions". It was way too crowded for the facilities, and they operated this tiny train with only 5 carriages every 30 minutes. So I went and got a refund for the train that we couldn't get on.

Kien enjoyed watching the planes landing at the lookout point.

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Michelle MacWhirter said...

The pictures are fantastic! And what a lovely blog entry. I got all teary eyed thinking that you liked us coming over, blerk, I'm so emotional these days!

Butt Creek (as I like to call it) is a bit of a disappointment. I wasn't sure if I didn't enjoy going as I was 36 weeks pregnant and feeling tired, but I guess it really isn't all that good.

I need to get you guys to take some more pictures of Thomas for me one day, your camera is awesome.


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