Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Loves being read to

For the past few weeks Kien has been really keen for us to read to him. He will get a book and bring it to us, and is very vocal if we do not read to him. I've read the same books so many times to him, but he still loves them! "Counting Rhymes" is still one of his favourites. I read that book to him when he was a baby, and now he will bring it over to get me to read it to him. I ask him to sit down (and he does so excitedly), and he will turn the page when I ask him to. I point to the pictures on the page and tell him what they are, and then I ask him to point and identify those objects too. He has started pointing to things on the page although he doesn't yet know what those things are yet...or he does but doesn't share :-)

He sings too - the first few bars of "Baa baa black sheep".

Now I have to go and get him out of bed. He has been awake for 15 minutes babbling to himself. I love this age!

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Michelle MacWhirter said...

I commented on this but my comment has vanished...weird!

He's doing so well, what a cool little boy he is. I remember how much he liked you reading to him as a baby. Looks like he will have a great love of books.


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