Monday, March 28, 2011

More teeth!

Poor Kien - he has crusty stuff in his ear from an infection, and he has a hole in his eardrum for the gunk to come out. On top of this he is sprouting 2 more teeth on the bottom row. No wonder he has been out of sorts for 3 nights in a row. He has been so uncomfortable and has been waking quite a bit. He wouldn't settle with milk, so he ended up on the floor sleeping with me on Thursday and Friday night, and with Jef last night. I was getting a bit worried it was turning into a habit but tonight he is sleeping like a baby :-P. So hopefully we are over the worst of it.

I've just fed him his usual 135ml Neocate, and he feel right back to sleep. Pity I'm feeling wide awake despite being tired from lack of sleep. That's okay, I have my iPad2 to keep me occupied. In 6 hours I do have to be up and go to work though....


Michelle MacWhirter said...

Poor little fella :(

Michelle MacWhirter said...

How is he feeling today? I had copious ear infections when I was a little girl, I remember the pain well.

Are you enjoying your iPad? Wasn't that so nice of Jef, he's very generous :-).

Mat says hi, and Thomas says "hhhhooooo, cooo!" and blows raspberries in your general direction (how polite).

Lien H said...

Oh he is so much better now! Those antibiotics sure do work in combo with ear drops. His sleeping is back to normal now, yay.

I'm loving my iPad. Yes, jef spoils me, and vice versa :-)

I have an image of Thomas blowing raspberries in my head and it is very cute. We should meet up soon! I need to sort through some stuff for you to take.

Michelle MacWhirter said...

I keep asking Jef if it's ok to come over but no solid answer yet, maybe I smell funny haha!

Glad to hear that Kien is back to his normal self.


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