Sunday, June 5, 2011

Bubble troubles and scavenging

It's just been one of those weeks; you know the type - where nothing much gets done at home and you're just in survival mode from lack of sleep and a child teetering between giddy happiness and tearful unsettledness. Perhaps it was the 15 month jabs on Tuesday afternoon (yes, we were late by 2 months), or maybe it's another teething episode. Whatever the cause, it is exhausting.

To make matters worse Kien is loving saying "bubbles". Don't get me wrong it is wonderful he says it all the time, but it's a double edged sword; he wants bubbles all the time too. We would give him as many bubbles as he desires, however the issue is with the solution for making bubbles. Where does one buy good commercial bubble solution?

Jef used up all the solution we had in one go with the bubble dog. So we've been experimenting with bubble solutions.

We went to The Warehouse and purchased a giant bottle of solution - it was pretty useless for the bubble dog and the gun. But Jef got some good experiments in with blowing bigger bubbles.

...and to measure the bubbles' success they were timed. This is serious!

Kien woke up multiple times overnight, and in the morning I couldn't handle being cooped up with him being demanding and restless. Luckily a break in the weather meant an excursion to Cornwall park.

Kien is a little scavenger. He loves to find things to pick up.

Or picks things...

...which ended up in his mouth eventually.

I can't believe we came across some healthy patches of beautiful Narcissus, and Kien picked them!

I tried to stop him, but that made him even more delighted to get them, and eat them.

Puddles are pointed out as "wet" by him, then he plays in it.

His grubby face shows how much of that "wet" landed on him.

We wandered close to the paddock where the cows were grazing.

He sat down right next to this fabulous web that glistened in the sunlight.

We are currently teaching Kien the sounds different animals make. We've so far been able to get him to bark, meow, quack, chirp - and now he moos too. He wasn't alone in the mooing, because this little Korean girl walked over to us, and both kids pointed in the direction of the cows and mooed.

Tomorrow is a public holiday, yay! We will be heading over to Dad's place in the afternoon for a steamboat session, yum!

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Michelle MacWhirter said...

Gorgeous photos. Look how warm brown his hair is in the last picture, a real contrast with the inky black hair of the little girl. I always think Kien looks 100% like you but little things like that show Jef's genes.

How on earth do you manage to keep his clothes clean - he's such and adventurous little man.


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