Saturday, May 28, 2011

Language skills at 17 months old

Kien's language and communication skills are improving day by day. He is mimicking the sounds we make, and it is fascinating how quickly children develop their communication and speech.

Kien uses the signs he has learnt to communicate with us. He will rarely sign when we ask him to show us - he isn't a performing seal after all. So I'm lucky to even have any videos of him signing anything.

Words he can sign are: milk, water, cracker, raisin, shoes, hat, bath, sleep, again, light, eat, more, all finished. There are a few words he can say but didn't bother to sign, such as apple, banana (he says "nana" and when we say it properly back to him a few times he migrates to "nanana"). My favourite so far in his attempt to speak is the word tunnel - Kien says "nunnel" - he loves his nunnel and wants to play with it all the time.

As his speech develops and he realises we understand him when he speaks the word only he will drop the signing. I just hope I can catch a few more on video before he doesn't sign anymore.

He can sound out to 3 songs: Baa Baa Black Sheep, Row Row Row your Boat, and ABC. Here is Kien's rendition of ABC.

I just love that laugh so much!


Michelle MacWhirter said...

Fantastic videos, but is it weird that they make me feel sad and miss baby Kien? I'm such an egghead. He is so grown up now. He's doing wonderfully :)

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