Sunday, September 9, 2012


Wow wee - time flies when you are having fun - or busy. Either and both statements are true, I reckon, and sums up my last couple of weeks. Here are the highlights.


Last Saturday we tried our hand at fishing again, this time off Queens Wharf.

It was a windy and cold day, but that did not deter us.

We were patient; we dropped our lines and waited.

Kien was too impatient to wait for any sashimi we intended to serve up as a result of our catch, so he stuffed his face with grapes instead.

Alas, no fish were caught. It was a fun way to spend a few hours anyway.

Fathers Day

Belguim Beer Cafe for lunch.

Brief jaunt to Wellington

I hopped on a plane after work on Thursday and one hour later I was in lovely Wellington. Spent the evening with my friend Justine, who was over from Brisbane for a conference. We went to Lone Star for dinner seeing as it was only two doors down from our hotel. Considering I hadn't hardly eaten anything substantial for 3 days due to being sick with flu-like symptoms I felt famished. Luckily for me the restaurant meals served here were generous.

It was so lovely to wake up in the morning and read in bed for 3 hours. Talk about indulgence.

I like Wellington a lot. It kind of reminds me of San Francisco in some ways.

I then did a little bit of wandering around and shopping since it was nice and quiet.

This graffitied building is on the Cuba Street shopping strip, and I found the contrast to be really beautiful (grand and industrial and old and ugly sort of beautiful if that makes any sense at all).

I think Kien would love watching this structure - water filling buckets that would tip over and cascade to other buckets that would tip over.

At midday I headed back to the airport, and I was waving goodbye to Wellington from the sky.

No sooner had I finished my cup of tea I was saying hello to Auckland again.

I took Kien to a kids dinner that afternoon/evening hosted by one of the girls from my coffee group. Unlike me I did not take a single photo of the evening. It was fun though, I can vouch for that.

Pirates party

On Saturday I took Kien to one of his Playgroup pal's fourth birthday party. My creativity level at the moment is next to none, so Kien was a pirate on the inside (if he knew what a pirate was).


He's been asking for a scooter for quite some time, and we've been promising him one ever since we came back from the Cook Islands. Today was the first time he's been outside with his scooter. We were heading to the park so Jef could fly his RC plane that he's just finished putting together.

Unfortunately it was too windy to fly. But Kien got a chance to wear his helmet for real.

Quick hello to family

A brief visit this afternoon to see my folks.

And that's a wrap.


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