Monday, September 17, 2012

Up, up and away

The only photos I took this weekend were these, and I have been hesitant to take them off the SD card to post only because it was such a sad ending to our time at the park.


We've been waiting for a wind free moment of opportunity to take the freshly built RC plane for it's virgin flight. In between the rain on Sunday afternoon there was a break in the weather and a relatively calm and sunny spot. So we seized the moment and went to the park to fly the craft.

Both Kien and Jef were rather excited, a) to get out of the house, and b) to fly the plane that has been hanging in the bedroom for over a week.

The plane flew really well.

See that giant tree in the background? The plane spent a night in the top branches. A few people at the park, including ourselves, spent ages yesterday trying to get the plane down, to no avail. It was stuck - well and truly stuck - and I was so sad at the prospect of $300 worth of plane and radio gear stuck in a tree that I couldn't bring myself to take a photo of the sad sight. What's more, I was close to ditching all the above photos too.

But hark, good news. After weathering the storm and shifting position during the day Jef was able to lasso the branch it moved to, and the plane came down with a bit of shaking. Woohoo, recovered plane, which means woohoo, Kien no longer has to keep saying "Daddy's plane is stuck in a tree" over and over again. You know how painful that is when it's still stuck?

The boys spent a bit of the evening fixing the broken bits, which were actually few and far between.

So a happy ending after all.


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