Saturday, October 13, 2012


Sometimes he'll flat out refuse to go anywhere near one - other times he just can't get enough.

Ride #1

At John's (one of his daycare buddies) birthday party held at Lollipops indoor playground in Greenlane the other day it was the latter.

Initially when Jef put him on the ride he was a little tentative.

He quickly hopped off and decided he didn't want to play on the contraption any longer.

I think at this point Kien was having some "issues" anyway, because not long after the above photo was snapped he was having a major meltdown - I mean MAJOR - to the point where Jef went outside for some fresh air and I just had to ride it out over the noises echoing around the giant shed. We were indoors on a sunny hot afternoon, surrounded by yelling children as they merrily bounced and tumbled and slid, and my child was in the corner screaming at the top of his lungs - not that one can differentiate one scream from another in this place.

After what seemed like a really long time he finally settled down, and was happy to join in the party.

Then Kien decided he wanted to ride the carousel. He stayed on that thing for 3 whole stop/starts/change-overs.


Last Sunday we went for a wander after having lunch at Food Alley. At the bottom of Albert Street are some statues situated outside souvenir shops.

Rides #2 & #3

He likes that Moa.

Such a touristy thing to do taking pictures of your child riding random objects in the city.

Ride #4

What's with the road cone thing? Both my guys notice them and point them out whenever they see one. Why not ride in one?

See that long black tube they are standing in front of?

Tunneling at Queens Wharf - link if you can't see the video here.

We love Queens Wharf. Been hanging around here a lot lately.


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